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Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions by the awesome people who use this theme about how to do various things, and to save myself from answering the same questions over and over again I thought I would put everything you need to know in one place.

This also saves you from looking through all the posts here to find the answer you’re looking for.

So here goes!


First of all lets go through the customisation options for the theme. You can find these options by going to the “Customize” menu and clicking on the “Appearance” tab.

How do I change the colour of my title / text?

You can change the colour of your main title, tagline, body text and much more directly from the “Appearance” tab. Just click on the current colour, then pick a different colour from the pop up colour picker. Simple!

How do I change my tagline?

Just enter your tagline in the “Tagline” box.

How do I change the headings of different sections?

There are a number of headings that you can customise. These include your “About Me” section, “Recent Tweets”, “Flickr Photos”, “Pages”, “Links”, “Likes” and “Following”.

These sections have default headings but you can easily change them to anything you like by entering your text in the relevant box.

How do I change the background image?

To use your own background image, just click on the “Upload” button. If you want the image to repeat then just tick the box underneath. Easy peasy.

My header doesn’t look right.

This is a very common issue with this theme and it’s caused by either the title or the tagline being too long to comfortably fit on one line. Don’t panic though because it’s very easy to fix.

Under the “Appearance” tab, tick the box which says “Move Tagline”. This will move your tagline down onto the next line.

How do I change the size of my title?

If you’d like to reduce the font size of the main heading, copy and paste the following line of code into the “Custom CSS” box (you can find this in the “Customise” menu under the “Advanced” tab).

#title h1 { font-size: 65px; }

Changing the value “65” to something else enables you to have your heading whatever size you wish.

Can I change the font of the text?

Yes you can easily change the font of the body text using the “Body Font” option. Just pick a new font from the dropdown menu.

Unfortunately the font used for the title and the headings can’t be customised from this menu as it’s not a web safe font.

How do I show my flickr pictures in the sidebar?

When you click on the “Appearance” tab there’s a box that says Flickr Username. To find out what your flickr username is use this tool -

Once you’ve got your username just copy and paste it into the box and your most recent flickr photos will show in your sidebar.

How do I show my recent tweets?

To show your 3 most recent tweets in the sidebar, you must be logged in to twitter. To log in click on the button in the “Services” tab of the “Customize” menu and follow the instructions. Then tick the box in the “Appearance” tab which says “Show my recent tweets”. 

I’ve done this and I still can’t see my tweets.

Some people have reported that after taking these steps they still can’t see their recent tweets. This is usually caused by the browser you’re using having javascript turned off.

How do I show my “likes”?

Just tick the box which says “Show My Likes”.

Can I make my “likes” list longer?

No. The maximum number of likes that tumblr will let you show is 10. If you want to show less likes, then you’ll need to enable custom HTML. Click on the “Theme” tab and “Use Custom HTML”. You’ll now be able to see the code for the theme. Now find this line in the code:

{Likes limit=”10” summarize=”100” width=”150”}

By changing the value 10 you can change the number of your likes which are displayed. ie. to show your last 5 likes, change the 10 to a 5:

{Likes limit=”5” summarize=”100” width=”150”}

Can I hide the search box?

Yes, just untick the box which says “Show Search Box”.

The edges of the polaroid picture look jagged in some browsers. What can I do to fix it?

The polaroid edges look jagged in some browsers and not others because each browser renders the code slightly differently. If this is a problem, just tick the box which says “Straighten Polaroid” to disable the rotation.

How do I get comments on my blog?

To enable comments you’ll need to sign up to disqus -

Once you’ve signed up they’ll give you a disqus shortname which you can enter in the “Appearance” menu to enable comments on your blog.

How do I use Google Analytics with my tumblr page?

Setting up Google Analytics with this theme is super easy. Just set up your account on the Analytics website as usual, but don’t worry about adding any tracking code manually. When you’ve registered your site you should see a number starting with “UA-” on your profile. This is your site’s Analytics ID. Just copy and paste the full UA number into the “Google Analytics ID” box in your theme and Google will be able to gather data about visits to your page.

Other common questions
I want to add more widgets in my sidebar. I’ve got the html but I don’t know where to put it!

To add custom widgets you will need to enable custom HTML. Click on the “Theme” tab and “Use Custom HTML”. You’ll now be able to see the code for the theme.

To add your widgets find the following line: 

<!— Insert any extra widgets below this line—>

And add the widget HTML directly afterwards.

How can I get background music to play on my page?

This is not a tumblr feature but I have seen lots of people using Streampad -

My search never returns anything, and i have all my posts tagged. Is this a glitch or am i doing something wrong?

No it’s not you. Tumblr search is horrible. See this post